Cheat Code Class for MooTools 1.2

(because everyone likes themselves some cheaty goodness) - view blog post (german) js/MooCheatCode.js
some Examples:
//instantiate with autostart set to true (+ a Starcraft Code):
mooCheatDemo = new MooCheatCode({
	autostart : true,
		'starcraft' : 'f, o, o, d, f, o, r, t, h, o, u, g, h, t',
		'doom' : 'i, d, d, q, d'

//add Cheat Code:
mooCheatDemo.addCode('testcode2', 'y, x');

//Event for any cheatcode:
mooCheatDemo.addEvent('match': function(ev){
	alert('Name:'', Code:'+ev.value);

//Event for individual code:
mooCheatDemo.addEvent('match_starcraft': function(ev){
	alert('this is from starcraft...');

//not really a feature - list of codes:
var codeHTML = 'available codes:<br /><ul>';
for(var code in {
	codeHTML += '<li>'[code]+'</li>';
codeHTML += '</ul>';

var myCheats = new MooCheatCode({
	autostart: false, //start automatically
	maxCache: 20, //max size of cached keypresses
	tickIntervalLength: 1000, //interval to match cache with codes
	stopPropagation: true, //cancels Firefox' findasyoutype feature...
	codes: {} //something like  {
		  //	'code1': 'q, w, e, r, t, up, down',
		  //	'code2': 'a, s, d, f, g'
'useful' methods (they all return the MooCheatCode instance):
	.addCode(name, code) // Adds Single Code
	.addCodes({'name1': code1, 'name2': code2}) // Adds Codes
	.start(option) // Starts. 
	.stop(option); // Stops.
	'match': function(ev){ //fired if any code is matched
		//, ev.code
	'match'+name: function(ev){ //fired if string 'name' is a match
		//, ev.code
	'addcode': function(ev){ //fired after addCode();
		//, ev.code
	'addcodes': function(ev){ //fired after addCode();
		//ev is like {'name1': code1, 'name2': code2}
	'start': function(ev){ //fired after start();
		//ev = options for start()
	'stop': function(ev){ //fired after stop();
		//ev = options for stop();
look at the page source for more weird examples and lame 'hidden' secred codes...
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